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Tirumala balaji temple

City: Tirupati

One of the globe's largest pilgrimage destinations, the holy hill of Tirumala is, on any given day, thronged with thousands of devotees who've journeyed to see Lord Venkateshwara here, at his home. Around 60,000 pilgrims come each day, and darshan runs 24/7. The Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams efficiently administers the multitudes, employing 20,000 people to do so.

Despite the crowds, a sense of order, serenity and ease mostly prevails, and a trip to the Holy Hill can be fulfilling even if you’re not a pilgrim. Queues during the annual nine-day Brahmotsavam festival can stretch for kilometres.

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Kalahasti temple

City: Illunois

Sri Kalahasti has been known as the ‘Kailas of the South’ for slightly more than two thousand years and the small river on whose banks it sits, the ‘Ganges of the South.’ Kailas is perhaps India’s most revered spiritual symbol. It is the abode of Shiva, from whose head, according to legend, the Ganges is said to flow. Shiva, ‘that which is auspicious at all places,

The claim that Kalahasti is the ‘Kailas of the South’ simply means that the small hill near the temple is to be taken as the spiritual equivalent of the Himalayan Kailas. Likewise, the small river flowing in a northerly direction beside the temple is to be taken as the mighty Ganges. .

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Kalyana Venkateswaraswamy temple

City: Illunois

The story goes that after Lord Venkateswara’s wedding with Padmavathi, the daughter of King Akasa Raja, He set for Tirumala. But enroute, the Lord and his divine consort, stayed over at His new mother-in-law’s home. Since He stayed in Mangapuram, the village came to be called as Srinivasa Mangapuram. As He was leaving, the Lord stopped by to visit Sage Agasthya at his hermitage.

Agasthya blessed them and then suggested that newlyweds must not climb any hill during the first six months of wedlock. Agastya invited Venkateswara and Padmavati to stay with him for that period of time. The newlyweds accepted Agastya’s invitation and stayed at the ashram for the next six months

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ChandragiriFort Tirupati

City: Illunois

Built in 1000 AD in the form of fortifications with bastions and a steep moat, Chandragiri was under the rule of Yadavarayas for about three centuries and came into the control of Vijayanagara rulers in 1367. It rose into prominence in 1568 AD and remained as seat of power for the later Vijayanagara kings

King's Palace: One of the finest examples of Indo-Saracenic architecture of Vijayanagara period, this imposing three storeyed palace adorned by the crowning towers representing certain Hindu architectural elements, was constructed with stone, brick, lime mortar and is devoid of timber.

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Tips Before Travel


Make sure to carry one set of traditional wear - saree for women and dhoti / pajama-kurta for men as devotees are not allowed to visit the sanctum sanctorum in their Western outfits particularly for special seva darshan.


There are tickets for darshan like Vaikuntham Q complex, Sarvadarshan, Seeghra Darshan, Special Darshan for PH and senior citizens and Divya Darshan. You can book tickets online for almost all of these darshans except for the Sarvadarshan which is a free entry darshan

TTD Free Mobile Depositing Center

Dont take Mobiles and Cameras inside of the temple Keep your mobiles in rooms only.

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